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Taktika training programs are designed carefully to empower participant to gain knowledge, skills and effective practices.



We have one of the most effective and most updated ” one -on -one ” coaching model, and ” on-the-job ” coaching program.



Taktika Major consultation services cover all areas to help you grow .


Assesment Center

We have the “know-how” to hold up-to-date assessment centers, those models are currently being used by giant companies such as Microsoft, BMW, Nestle, Novartis, Novonordisk, etc.


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Amazing and informative, influences the basic information that I had, and make me reconsider a big portion of my work habit

key account manager, 10 years

In Taktika leadership program, I prepared myself to be: more confident, leader and ready for new post

Key Account Manager, 12 years

Amazing course as it provides knowledge about the modern science in Leadership skills.

Area manager ,15 Years

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